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On the note of making kids smile :) We played fetch with that little girl until we were exhausted. lol. But it totally made her day, and her mother invited us to fursuit at her birthday party in June since she enjoyed our characters so much. Can you say “too cute”? X3

Stuff like this makes everything worthwhile.

If I identify that location correctly, I was there… somewhere.

And yeah, I’d love to do something like that.

This photo was taken at the Fall SoCal FurBQ. Making people happy, especially kids, is definitely one of the most rewarding things you can do while fursuiting ^_^



haha kill me i’ve been working on these for 3 days i hope you love them uwu

i really love cats ok. and ever since i saw this post right here - , i’ve been wanting to draw my own snk kitties. :>

yes levi looks like grumpycat that was unintentional

please do not take the source off and please always credit me~

These are awesome!

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